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Spray Paint Application

Shake the spray can thoroughly as directed! Even though paint is thought of as a liquid, it does have a solid content (the part of paint that dries) You may not think it, but the solid material in the spray paint can does settle, and even worse the paint can splatter, or not match, or not cover properly.

Aerosol spray paint does not always work in cold temperatures. Some of the gasses in a spray can do not work properly under cold climates.

Spray paint tends to blush under high humidity. Don't paint on a rainy day. The spray paint can catch particles of moisture mid air, The alcohol content in the spray can will definitely interact causing the paint to blush or dry cloudy.

When spraying use nice and even long strokes. Using small strokes and not even can definitely show in the finish. Don't paint the same area overlapping too many times on any surface. Overlapping one area on your surface will cause an uneven pattern. Some call this problem tiger stripes. Too much paint in an area by moving the spray pattern to slow or avoiding flash times (the time you have to wait between coats) will cause drips in the paint called a run. These runs can not easily be fixed. You can wipe it off and start from scratch; or let it dry, sand it out, and start over.

Remove rust on metal surfaces before starting. Painting over rust normally makes things worse if you don't treat it right.

If you are looking for spray paint for home use, any home store like Home depot, Lowe's, or Wal-Mart will often have a variety of aerosol spray paints for different uses. Like fighting or killing rust, General finishing of regular and special paint colors, special effect paint like antique paint, or re-clear coating wood with polyurethane.  If you are looking for Car Spray Paint click here.

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