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Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent removal is commonly known as PDR. It is the newest technology in removing a dent without ruining the cars finish. The older way to fix a dent is two sand it, fill it with bondo, and then repaint it. The original OEM paint is much better than the new paint for reasons of color matching, new paint adhesion, and cost. The method of repairing and repainting has worked well in the past and still can be necessary if the dent is deep enough or the dent was scratched and it needs to be repainted anyway.

There are a few ways to repair this. Some parts stores sell a silly suction cup for this. If you ever tried this please let us know how it stacks up.

Ding King has made a cool product that is a cross between a glue gun and a dent puller all in one. The glue is paint safe and supposed to come off with a few wipes of their special solution. The dent is supposed to pull right out too! This product runs for about $20 with everything you need to make it work right. I tried this tool and purchased it at advanced auto parts. All the dents came out much better than when I started. Most came out completely, some of the really awkward dents on the corners of my  Honda were about 90 percent better. I was very satisfied with the end result. However the glue remover was a little weak, I had a lot of glue residue that didn't really pull of as expected. The book says it can be a problem in hot humid weather.

The best way to fix a dent is to call a paintless dent removal expert. These pdr professionals are trained professionals that can evaluate your vehicle for a price estimate. The guys live nation wide and do work where ever a car dealership is present. Small dents can start sometimes as low as 40 dollars. But an average ding will cost 60. Some dings can cost more, but is almost always cheaper than repainting the entire panel. Not to mention that the results are always better too!

If you are looking to train for your own small business we recommend:
Certified Dent Training from the Ding King Ding King has Paintless Dent Removal Training Centers located in California, Texas, Florida, Missouri, New York and New Jersey.
They even offer mobile training for Paintless Dent Repair and Dent Removal.

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