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This is an informational web site. We kindly accept your tips and techniques. If you offer a product that is relevant to touch up let us know your info or web address.

Furniture Touch up: Most dogs go through a chewing or scratching stage. Children rough-house. Moving means battle scars.  Did you forget to use a coaster for your drink? How do you fix it the damaged wood?  There are several techniques. Learn more about touching up or refinishing wood.


Car paint touch up: We recommend going to or searching for auto touch up paint on the internet. These guys specialize in mixing factory paint color matched to a paint code. Or you can always go to a body shop or a car dealership and ask them for some leftover paint. The newest technology in car touch up paint is to have base coat and clear coat. It seems to have a much better color match that way.  Most of the time going to a dealership's collision center will result in them telling you that the bumper can't be repainted but only replaced and repainting a new bumper; even for light scratches.

Car Paintless Dent Repair: While not being an easy fix, your car's first ding does not need to remain forever. There are a couple fixes for this. One is an easy and affordable to use glue gun like item. Or you can call someone to fix it for you.

Carpet Burns: Have you heard of this one? I have seen it, tried it, and it works great. Depending on the condition of the carpet anyway.

More stuff In the Future Please Check Back. If you have any thing that improves the appearance of your stuff, please share. We'd love to add it! Webmaster


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